Get Rich Blog – Let Me Show You How Easy it is to Make One

You are probably wondering how can one possibly get rich starting their own blog? Regardless of how much competition there is in this industry, you can still grab a huge piece of this money making pie like millions who have already. And there are many who have gone on to become professional bloggers. The secret to creating successful get rich blog is not really a secret. It usually starts off with a passion that a blogger wants the entire world to know about and find ways on how to monetize it. You will see how easy it is to start your own money making blog.

First Important Step To Creating Your First Revenue Generating Blog

First and foremost, ask yourself this really important question. What are you passionate about? In other words, what is a favorite topic that you always talk to your friends and colleagues about. What are you an expert in? What do you know more about than your friends? What kind of advice do people come to you for?

Do you love cooking? Do you love researching information about how to become a better parent? What kind of information do you like to research? Once you have taken the time to write them down on a notepad, then proceed to the next step.

Second Step – See How Your Passion And Favorite Topic Fits Into These Money Making Categories

Arts And Entertainment
Book Reviews
Computers and Technology
Food and Drink Gaming
Health and Fitness
Home and Family
Home Improvement
Kids and Teens
Home based business
Internet and Business Online Investing
News and Society
Real Estate
Reference and Education
Recreation and Sports
Self Improvement
Shopping and Product Reviews
Travel and Leisure
Writing and Speaking
Women’s Interest

Third Step – Make a List of All The Categories That You Are Passionate About And Knowledgeable In

You must take your time to carefully determine those categories. Your goal is to create a get rich blog for each category. For example, let’s say you know pretty much about the topic of Relationships, Pets, Kids and Teens. Then you need to create a separate blog for each one of them. Why? Because each one is a big market of its own. Your blog must stand out and be incredibly relevant to your visitors or they will not come back to visit.

Let me give you an example. If your blog is about Relationships and you posted an article about How To Make Money Gambling, can you see how this is totally irrelevant? Your readers are only interested in the topic of relationships.

Fourth Step – Do Your Keyword Research In Google To Gather A Long List Of Highly Searched Keyword Phrases That You Can Write About Pertaining to Your Category

In this example, you are knowledgeable on the topic of Relationships. And you want to create a money making blog on relationships. The first thing you need to do is gather all the related keyword phrases to relationships. Here are some keyword phrases that you can write about:

Bad Relationships

Teenage Relationships

Christian Relationships

These are keywords that people type into Google to research content pertaining to those subtopics. Your job as a blogger is to create content around those subtopics. You have probably heard the famous saying that content is king. To this day, it is still true.

It is pretty much a numbers game. You just have to keep writing content on your blog pertaining to highly searched keyword phrases of your main topic. Then you will be on your way to get massive amounts of visitors to your blog. That is how bloggers like John Chow, Ramit Sethi, and Darren Rowse command such a huge audience of faithful and loyal readers. Running a residual income blog requires persistence and patience.

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